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Aaron St. Pierre

Ryzen Homes LLC

Stone Wall Investments LLC

Aaron St. Pierre is a hands-on professional who has been involved in the design and implementation of commercial and residential projects with much success, for several years.  Aaron has built and worked in many subdivision and single-lot locations in Southern; Central; and Mid Coast Maine.  He started working with his father in his early teens remodeling and building new homes in the Augusta area. 


After attending Architectural Engineering & Design school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Aaron designed and managed projects in the commercial sector for the restaurant industry, and became a certified food service design consultant and project manager.  His projects ranged from "mom and pop shops" to high-end restaurants, and Penn State football Stadium.  Many of Aaron's other projects were in Pennsylvania; West Virginia; Ohio; New York; and Maryland.  He later moved back to Maine to manage projects for various residential builders in the Mid Coast and Southern Maine areas.  Since starting his own Maine company in 2007, Aaron has built over 150 homes and has successfully become a builder/designer/contractor you can depend on, whether you are building your first home, or a multi-million dollar home.

Some of the certifications Aaron has earned in Maine include: Energy Star Rated Homes; Certified Remodeler; and several courses in Project Management.  Aaron is a reputable and respected contractor with a broad range of experience working with local subcontractors  and town officials.  Aaron now specializes in the start-to-finish construction of quality homes in the Mid Coast area.  His current project is Eagle River Subdivision in Topsham, Maine.